A Stunning Janow Family Emerges At Hanaya.

In the purebred program of Hanaya Arabians in Switzerland and Germany, live three Janow-bred beauties that are now welcoming a fourth in the two year old bay filly, Brodnica. 

Alsa, the reigning Menton Bronze Champion Senior Mare, and Potentilla, the bold moving Ekstern daughter that hails from the famous P line, and lastly the true beauty queen Primera, a mare that also hails from the Pilarka branch of the P line family welcome Brodnica to Hanaya - their home away from home. 

Brodnica is a beautiful filly by the champion and champion sire Pogrom, a son of Qr Marc, and from the stunning Kahil Al Shaqab daughter, Bambina, an extraordinary mover. Brodnica therefore represents two crosses to the legendary stallion Gazal Al Shaqab through her top and bottom sire lines. Her tail female line leads to the glorious Etap daughter Borowina, a past Polish National Reserve Champion Mare. 

While all four mares are bathed in beauty and bay, they are also very important to the present and future of Hanaya. 

Jeff Wallace for Victories at Hanaya Arabians.